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I have been an instructor for SPAN 1101 (First-semester Spanish); SPAN 1102 (Second-semester Spanish); SPAN 2203 (Intermediate Spanish); SPAN 3301 (Intermediate Spanish Writing),  SPAN 3330 (Maymester in Cuzco, Machu-Picchu, and Lima); SPAN 3893 (Contemporary Mexican Literature and Culture); SPAN 3303 (Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature), and SPAN 3301 ([Re]framing Afro-LatinX) at Vanderbilt University. I have been a TA for SPL1, SPL5, SP12, SP13 (Basic Spanish), SP21, and SP22 (Intermediate Spanish) at the Center for Talented Youth in Johns Hopkins University. I have collated all the materials I used during these five years of teaching. All of these materials will be supplements to the traditional text, and I hope they will improve my students’ chances of acquiring lots of Spanish and developing critical cultural awareness in their study!


I am happy for you to take, improve, and use it with your students! Just keep in mind my Creative Commons license (you can learn more at the bottom of this page) that says that you are free to use my materials, but if you re-share my contents or your versions of my materials, do not charge for them.


This link is a compilation of materials I have posted and will post about my courses. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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