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My Cuban upbringing has shaped the way I see the world and interact with my students. Living on an island separated from the rest of the world made me view boundaries as obstacles to overcome. The classroom can sometimes feel like an island, but I work to defeat that sense of isolation. I aim to expand the borders that students encounter through teaching culture and global citizenship, thus counteracting the alienation that can occur when learning a new language or becoming immersed in another literary and cultural context. I want students to leave my course with a newfound sense of culture and an appreciation for people from different backgrounds. My goal as a teacher is to (1) empower students by helping them gain cultural awareness and develop a passion for language and literature, (2) cultivate an inclusive, collaborative learning environment, and (3) use technology and authentic texts to immerse students in the subject matter.

  • Design and Implementation of Digital Resources can be found herehereand here

  • Digital Projects can be found here and here

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